Welcome to My Webpage

Welcome to my webpage!

I am Po-Yi Hung, an Assistant Professor in Geography at National Taiwan University.  I received my Ph.D. from UW-Madison with major in human geography and minor in cultural anthropology. Before I went to UW-Madison, I earned two masters degree. One is in social ecology of development and conservation from Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and the other in environmental planning from National Taiwan University.

My research focuses on nature-society relations. More specifically, I use agricultural practices as a lens to investigate the relations amongst people, place, and environment. I have conducted researches in Taiwan and China, and found that agricultural practices in both places are changing fast due to the strong market economy. Especially in frontier China, the modern agricultural production has quickly reshaped the land-use patterns and restructured the agrarian society of ethnic minorities. However, it remains under-researched, or even unknown, about how the agricultural transformation has reconfigured the nature-society relations in frontier China. As a result, my current research addresses the relationship between cash-crop agriculture and nature-society dynamics by studying the modern tea production in Yunnan of southwest China.

Overall, based on my research I intend to think beyond the limitation of regarding southwest China as a remote and peripheral resource frontier, and aim to re-conceptualize the frontier as a relational space, where the nature-society relations have been significantly affected by the (re)regionalization of cash-crop trade with other places.

From this webpage, you can find my research statement, teaching philosophy, curriculum vitae, and updated publications. If you wish to contact me, please drop me an e-mail to poyihung@ntu.edu.tw. Thanks!